Episode 4 – Holistic Education with Dominic Miles, Forest School Leader

In episode 4 of Healthy Happy Home, we talk about a holistic approach to education with forest school leader, Dominic Miles. We are learning more and more about the importance and benefits of child-led learning, with some mainstream schools even implementing some more holistic education systems. We talk here about why the Western way of schooling is not conducive to positive learning and how, in the words of Sir Ken Robinson, schools can kill creativity. We talk about why the Scandinavian education system is the most successful in the world – and not successful based on OFSTED points, but based on the happiness and growth of the children and how much better they learn. We delve into all different types of holistic schooling methods – such as Forest School, Waldorf Steiner, Montessori, Home Schooling, Unschooling, Wild Schooling and even Road schooling – which urgently highlights how many of us are realising that the current model of education, which was created to service the needs of the industrial revolution, no longer works and is not only killing children’s creativity, but is preventing them for growing into their best selves.

Dominic, as a former school teacher himself, offers invaluable insight into our need to reform our education system and what we do to help our children. A truly illuminating and enriching episode for anyone who has children, is planning to have children, or anyone simply interested in personal growth. You can find Dominic on Instagram @wildtimeeducation

Products discussed in the show:

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