Mini-sode 6: The 6 Pillars of Wellbeing; How To Stay Healthy Year-Round

In the our sixth and final mini-sode, we share with you the six pillars of wellbeing.

When we were researching how to make this podcast the best it could possibly be, and unique to us and our message, we realised that there are certain topics when it comes to holistic living that people really want easy and accessible information for. To that end, we decided to offer 6 “mini-sodes”: short, micro-episodes that answer your most burning questions when it comes to holistic living and parenting. 

 As with all the other mini-sodes, a transcript of this is available, but it comes in the form of a PDF when you enter your email address on our website. 

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Season 1 of Healthy Happy Home is sponsored by Megahome Water Distillers @megahomedistillers1



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